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          Welcome to Our Factory

          Orland Countertops has a creative new standard factory for kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top and cabinet. By owning one of the best kitchen and bathroom products, we have strict requirements running through the whole process of production, from material preparing, processing, assembling, inspection, package till delivery. With the factory development, Orland Countertops could satisfy customers better and better, including high quality, fair prices, stable shipping, etc.

          About Orland Countertops

          Orland Countertops is one of the brands of Newstar stone and specialized in kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, tub surround, table tops with materials of granite, quartz, and marble. Quality cabinetry, sinks, faucets, vanity base are offered along countertops. You can easily choose types to match the stone top and get complete sets for your projects. Orland countertops are the leader on prefabricating the countertops and vanity tops for hotels, apartments, with more than 25 years experience on projects and wholesale.

          Kitchen Countertops

          Thousand stone colors for kitchen countertops, including granite, quartz, marble and other stone materials you may request. With rich experience in offering both residential and commercial countertops for new construction or remodeling projects. There are all kinds of styles to choose, like L-shaped, U-shaped etc. Our quality controlling from blocks to finished tops, color & thickness & processing inspected by our professional QC team. Quality cabinetry, sink, faucet etc. are also available to combine.

          Design Your Kitchen

          Bathroom Countertops

          Prefabricated bathroom vanity countertops for hotels, apartments, condos, various buildings. Bathroom vanity tops materials including granite, quartz, marble and other stone materials you may request. We customized the size and shape as per request of projects. To be with us, never worry the designs and processing. Always there is assorted tub surround together for projects. Furthermore, the sinks, faucets, vanity base are offered along with bathroom vanity top. Both customized working and standard sets offering in Orland countertop.

          Design Your Bathroom


          We are experienced in providing the quality cabinetry and accessories for Multi-family and Hospitality projects. Completed countertops with kitchen cabinets for apartments and hotels such as residence in kitchen and embassy suite kitchen. Our cabinets come in a variety of wood types, solid wood of maple, cherry, oak, birch, fiberboard and particle wooden materials. It also provides a variety of cabinet styles raised panel, arched or flat panel etc. Never worry the cost, the cabinetry could be well designed by our team to satisfy the budget of different projects.

          Design Your Cabinetry

          Want to learn more about Orland Countertops
          or get free samples?

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          Orland Projects

          Hospitality Projects

          Orland has established an enviable reputation as a premium supplier of hospitality products on both Hotel / Resorts renovation and new construction. We are honored to offer the countertops, vanity tops, tub surround, cabinet vanity base, sink, faucet products for hotels. Continuous cooperation with major hotel chains and familiar with the design and colors requirements for new projects.

          Multi-family Projects

          Orland has much experience in supplying kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops for apartments, condominiums, villas. Prefabricated countertops vanity tops tub surround with materials of granite, marble, quartz. Any color, size, design could be done in Orland countertops. Providing cabinetry, sink, faucet products to complete the kitchen and bath of your projects.

          Our Partners


          Whether you decorate the hotel, apartments, condos, resorts,
          Orland will always offer you best services.

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