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Stone Color Series

Orland Countertops have inspirational pictures & ideas on the best kitchen?countertop colors?and bathroom countertop colors for your projects, including granite, quartz and marble stones. Explore palettes that are timeless, durable, and fresh. No matter what a special color you are looking for, we will find the right one to match. We owned some popular granite marble quarries and have professional staff contacting directly with more quarries to make sure the color well picked and good cost.?Quartz stone?can be modulated to required colors. Thousand stone colors for countertops, including beige, white, black, blue, brown, gold, gray, green, red etc. granite, marble and quartz choices. Many blocks and slabs are in stock and ready for prefabricating to make the prompt delivery.


Our granite surface selection offers different good selling color patterns. Except the Chinese granite, we also have granite from Brazil, India, Norway, Africa and many more regions. Granite color trends are white, beige, green.



Our marble surface selection offers worldwide good texture marbles which including Chinese marbles and famous marbles from Italy, Turkey, Iran, Greece, Egypt etc. Marble color trends are white, beige, brown.



Our quartz surface selection with different colors, like white, black, beige, brown etc. With marble, granite looking series. It can be modulated based on your samples. White quartz color is preferred by projects.


Edge Profiles

We are prefabricating edge profiles as per customer’s request. Common edge profiles are eased polished, full bullnose, beveled, semi bullnose and ogee edges.