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          Cabinet Style

          Kitchen cabinets is according to the customers’ kitchen structure, area and customers’ special requirements, then get through the total setting, total design and total construction to create the whole custom kitchen cabinets. In order to build the good home atmosphere and heavy breath of life, we have to achieve the overall coordination of every process from material selecting to installing. So the cabinet style confirmation will help to decide almost, and come true your unique kitchen design. Orland Countertops will provide different kinds of kitchen cabinet with common and special pattern for your design reference, then help you to create the kitchen only belongs to you.

          Valley Forge Raised



          Vienna Beadboard

          Windsor Beadboard

          Brentwood Beadboard


          Shaker w/AM1

          Shaker w/AM4

          Shaker w/AM9

          Shaker w/AM10

          Shaker w/Modified AM3

          Shaker w/Modified AM11

          Shaker with AM8

          Shaker with AM6

          Penbrook Classic

          Heritage Classic

          Heritage Classic w/AM2